Should I exfoliate after clear and brilliant?

First Few Days: Continue gentle cleansing and moisturizing over the next few days. Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, or using exfoliants for 1 week. Apply sunscreen daily and you can use makeup if needed starting the day after treatment.

How long after clear and brilliant can you exfoliate?

Don’t rub, scrub, or exfoliate your skin for at least seven days post-treatment no matter how much you’d want to do, especially when the skin starts to tighten – patience, rather resistance is a virtue in this case!

What do you put on skin after clear and brilliant?

Immediately After Treatment.

Use a bland moisturizer (i.e. Cetaphil® cream) or a very thin layer of petrolatum ointment (i.e. Aquaphor®). Use petrolatum ointment to cover any area with oozing and keep moist. Use of icepacks helps alleviate the heat sensation. You may also cleanse your face with a mild cleanser.

How long after clear and brilliant do you see results?

When do Clear + Brilliant® results appear and how long do they last? Within a week or two after one treatment, your skin will star to feel softer and look brighter. Results can last for months depending on age, skin condition, and how you protect your skin.

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Does clear and brilliant unclog pores?

Clear+Brilliant is an extremely gentle laser resurfacing treatment that can eradicate acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, congestion, clogged pores, dullness, and roughness.

What should not be done after clear and brilliant?

Avoid scrubbing, rubbing or use of exfoliants. 2) Avoid excessive exercise, perspiration, swimming or exposing skin to heat and sun for 2 days after treatment. 3) Avoid scrubs, toners, glycolic acid, and retinoids until the skin as healed completely from your treatment. Your skin will be sensitive after the treatment.

What should you not do after laser?

Avoid anything that involves chlorine (e.g. swimming) for 48 hours. Avoid make-up on the treated area for at least 48 hours. Avoid the application of perfumed products or bleaching creams for 48 hours. Avoid scratching the treatment area if blistering or crusting occurs, as this can cause scarring.

When can I exfoliate after Lasemd?

Wait to exfoliate–Immediately after laser treatments, your skin may be sensitive and easily irritated. Avoid exfoliation until at least two weeks after your treatment. Then perform a gentle, manual skin exfoliation to help wipe away all the additional transitional skin cells and reveal smooth, non-flaky skin.

How many times can you do clear and brilliant?

How many Clear + Brilliant laser treatments does it take to see results? To achieve the best cosmetic results from Clear and Brilliant, a complete series of treatments, generally 5 to 6 treatments are advised. These treatments should be spaced approximately two to four weeks apart.

Does clear and brilliant stimulate collagen?

Clear + Brilliant uses fractional laser technology to create microzones of energy, causing a wound-healing response underneath the skin’s surface that stimulates collagen production, which boosts radiance and plumps lines.

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How many clear and brilliant do you need?

How many treatments will I need? The number of treatments is tailored to your individual skin care desires, needs and concerns. In recent customer feedback, patients noticed visible skin improvements after 4-6 Clear + Brilliant treatments. We will discuss your personalized treatment regimen during your consultation.

Is it normal to break out after clear and brilliant laser?

Don’t worry—these breakouts will typically heal on their own and would have occurred anyway regardless of the laser treatment. Three weeks later my acne scars are in a similar state as they were pre-treatment, but my skin feels tighter, brighter, and more even overall.

What’s better IPL or clear and brilliant?

If your main concern is the youthful appearance of your skin, and you feel you need younger, glowing skin then we recommend choosing Clear + Brilliant. However, if your main concern is pigmentation and redness in your skin then we recommend choosing an IPL Photofacial.