Can an esthetician own a medical spa in Texas?

In Texas, nurse practitioners, estheticians, and other non-physicians cannot own a med spa, also known as a medi-spa or medical spa. Nevertheless, a non-doctor may be involved in the day-to-day operations of a med spa via a management services organization (MSO).

Who can open a spa in Texas?

A person must obtain a health spa operator’s certificate of registration from the Secretary of State before operating a health spa or offering for sale, or selling a membership in a health spa. An operator’s certificate of registration is required for each health spa location.

What can a medical esthetician do in Texas?

Also, estheticians study surface skin treatments, like facials, tweezing, waxing, body wraps and more. Medical estheticians learn about cosmetic laser treatments and, if qualified, can study cosmetic injectable treatments as well.

Can estheticians do body treatments in Texas?

estheticians may remove dead skin cells, but may not affect or treat live tissue. You may learn more information from the Texas Medical Board at 512-305-7030 or 1-800-248-4062 or at

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Who can own a medical practice in Texas?

In the most simple terms, if you do not have the proper licensing and credentials to practice medicine, you cannot operate a medical facility or employ physicians in the state of Texas. This doctrine applies to corporations, entities, and any generally classified non-physician.

Can an esthetician do Microneedling in Texas?

No, neither your cosmetology operator license or esthetician license allows you to perform microneedling. Microneedling affects areas of live tissue below the epidermis and your license does not authorize you to affect or treat live tissue.

What is considered a health spa in Texas?

What is a health spa? A business that offers for sale, or sells, memberships that provide the members instruction in or the use of facilities for a physical exercise program.

Can an esthetician do Botox in Texas?

Texas is fairly liberal in who they allow to physically perform Botox and other injectable procedures. Anyone with proper training may inject Botox and other cosmetic injectables as long as it is under the written protocols, supervision, and delegation of a licensed physician.

Can an esthetician do Dermaplaning in Texas?

In states such as Texas estheticians and cosmetologists are permitted to perform microdermabrasion procedures as long as they only remove dead skin cells. … However, Texas estheticians and cosmetologists are not allowed to perform dermaplaning regardless of the layer of skin effected.

How much does a medical esthetician make in Texas?

How much does a Medical Esthetician make in Texas? The average Medical Esthetician salary in Texas is $48,382 as of December 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $43,687 and $55,542.

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How do I become a medical esthetician?

How To Become a Medical Esthetician – Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Step 1: Graduate from High School or Complete a GED (Four Years) …
  2. Step 2: Complete a Medical Esthetician Program (Nine months to Two Years) …
  3. Step 3: Obtain State Licensure (Timeline Varies)

Can an esthetician do Botox?

You are eligible to provide Botox injections if you are a medical professional, such as a physician or nurse. Estheticians, however, are not allowed to inject Botox, because it’s not within their scope of practice.

Can an esthetician work from home in Texas?

The barbering or cosmetology services are not performed at a licensed salon, mobile salon, beauty/barber shop, beauty/barber school, or any other location permitted under Chapter 1601, 1602 or 1603. Examples may include your home or the client’s home.

Can an LLC own a medical practice in Texas?

For many of those wishing to set up a medical practice, a professional limited liability company is the preferred business form. A Texas professional limited liability company, known as a PLLC for short, can offer practitioners many distinct advantages.

Can you own a medical practice without being a doctor in Texas?

The short answer is Texas does not allow non-physicians to own businesses that practice medicine or employ physicians to provide professional medical services. This is known as the corporate practice of medicine (“CPOM”) doctrine. Three statutory laws work together to form the CPOM doctrine.

How do I start a medical practice in Texas?

How to Start a Medical Practice in Texas

  1. Administration & Preparation. Determine business model. …
  2. Office & facilities. Medical practice location selection. …
  3. Equipment & Supplies. Filing cabinets. …
  4. Vendors & Suppliers. Contracts for lab, x-ray, MRI or other if needed. …
  5. Technology. …
  6. Financial & Billing. …
  7. Coding & Documentation. …
  8. Insurance.
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