How many layers does a Jessner Peel have?

Generally 4-6 layers will result in a medium/deep peel and 7-8 layers can result in a deep peel. The distinct blend of acids work in synergy to combat hyperpigmentation, sun damage and rough texture to reveal vibrant glowing skin.

What level is a Jessner peel?

A Jessner peel is a type of medium peel. As such it removes several layers of the upper dermis. It can be used to treat sun damage, scars, wrinkles, and discoloration.

How deep does a Jessner Peel go?

As you read above, Jessner solution is a medium-depth peeling agent, which means the combination of ingredients only affects the upper layer of the dermis. It is a leave-in solution that is self-neutralizing and takes several days to complete the peeling process (typically about 7 to 8 days).

How many coats would a light Jessner’s peel consist of?

Repeated coats are applied until a white frost develops. For a deep, effective peel, this usually takes 4 to 6 coats. A temporary stinging, burning and numbing sensation has been noted upon initial contact as well as minor skin sensitivity and light to moderate redness.

How many jessner peels do I need?

How often should I do a Jessner’s Peel? A Jessner’s peel is a progressive treatment that will not provide a final result with one peel. If the treatment is intended to solve a signifcant problem, Jessner’s peels are performed every 4 weeks depending on the condition of your skin.

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Which is stronger jessner or TCA peel?

Jessner peels are milder than TCA peels and are recommended for patients with darker skin tones or for those who suffer from melasma. Jessner peels can be used to improve the tone and texture of the skin, reduce the appearance of large pores, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Are all jessner peels the same?

There are several different degrees of chemical peel: superficial, medium, and deep. The difference between them has to do with how many layers of skin the peel penetrates. Superficial peels have modest results but very little downtime. Medium and deep peels are more dramatic, but the recovery is more complicated.

How long do I leave jessner peel on?

The solution is a leave-in, self-neutralizing solution. It must be left completely undisturbed, with no water or oil, in the skin for at least six to eight hours post-treatment. The peeling process will take several days to complete its course.

How long does a Jessner peel last?

Once the skin begins peeling off, new smooth skin will be revealed. It can take five to seven days after a medium peel to develop new skin, and the redness can last for months in some cases. Generally, it will take 7–14 days to heal completely and see the full results of the peel.

Do jessner peels need to be neutralized?

Answer: Jessner peel

Jessner’s peel is one type of superficial peels. There is no need for neutralization, (unlike the glycolic acid peels). You can wash your face a few minutes after the peel. This should have no effect on efficacy of the peel.

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How do you layer a Jessner peel?

Tone with Anti Aging Glycolic Toner 7%. Apply Jesssner’s Peel evenly coating desired area keeping away from eyes and nostrils. Immediately repeat application of Jessner’s peel to the desired number of layers. (1-3 layers for a light peel) (4-6 layers for medium peel effect) (7-8 layers for a deeper peel effect).

How do you use a Jessner peel at home?

Apply Jessner Peel to your skin using cotton pads or gauze and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. Layering can increase the depth of peeling. No need to neutralize. Do not wash face or apply anything for up to 12 hours.