Best answer: How many moles are contained in 34g of NH3?

2 moles are present in 34 gram of NH3.

How many moles are there in 34g of NH3?

no. Of moles (n) = m/M = 34/17 = 2 moles.

How many molecules are in 34 grams of NH3?

therefore 34 g of NH₃ contains 12.044*10²³ molecules .

How many moles are in NH3?

Since molar mass of NH3 is 17 (14+1×3) one mole contains 17 gram. Hence 9 moles are present in 153gm(153/17=9). Molar mass = mass of the one mole of the substance .

How many moles are in one mole of NH3?

Therefore : 10 litres contain about 0.446 moles of NH3. Now for number of molecules: 1 mole of NH3 contains 6.022 × 10^23 molecules.

What amount moles of compound is present in 1.00 g of NH3?

From the previous problem, we know that 1.0 g of NH3 contains 0.059 mol NH3. From the chemical formula of ammonia, we know that for every molecule of NH3, there is 1 atom of nitrogen and 3 atoms of hydrogen. So, for every mole of NH3, there is 1 mole of nitrogen and 3 moles of hydrogen.

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How many atoms are there in 34g of NH3?

What is the total number of atoms present in 34g of NH3? – Quora. No. of atoms= 2×6.022×10^23 atoms is the correct answer!

How many moles of NH3 molecules are there in 6.8 g NH3?

Thus correct answer is 0.5 moles.

How many atoms of hydrogen are there in 36 g of NH3?

The number of moles in 36 g ammonia is 36/ 17 = 2.11mol. A mole is 6.02 10, so the number of hydrogen atoms in a 2.11 moles of ammonia is 2.11 *6.02*10^23 = 1.27 *10^24 atoms . Hope it helps!

How many moles of NH3 are there in 77.5 g of NH3?

There are 4.55 moles in 77.5 g NH3 .

How many grams are in 2 moles of NH3?

1mol of nitrogen has a mass of 28.02g, while 3mol of hydrogen has a mass of 6.06g, and 2mol of ammonia has a mass of 34.08g.

How many grams are in one mole of ammonia?

17.03052 g/mol .

How many moles of atoms are in 5 moles of ammonia gas NH3?

Avogadro said that 1 mole of any compound will contain 6.023 × 10²³ particles. That implies, 5 moles of NH3 will contain 5 × 6.023 × 10²³ NH3 molecules. So, 5 moles of NH3 will contain 3 × 5 × 6.023 × 10²³ H atoms.

How many atoms are in 36.1 g of boron?

The number of atoms of boron can be calculated by using the desired formula. 19.921×1023 19.921 × 10 23 atoms of Boron are present in 35.76 g of Boron.