What’s in my Cambridge Satchel?

I remember when The Cambridge Satchel Company first released their classic satchel bag and they could be spotted everywhere. The company has grown a lot since it was first started in 2008 and now offers a range of large and small bags. My boyfriend got me one of their satchels for my birthday and I thought I would share my thoughts on it and just how much you can fit in the 11 Inch Batchel.

The bag

The difference between the satchel and the batchel is the small handle at the top, originally designed as a hybrid between a briefcase and a satchel. I personally prefer having the little handle as it gives you another way to hold it and it just makes it super easy to grab on your way out the door.

Mine is Saffiano leather, meaning that the leather has a textured to it, in this case a sort of pebbled look. Due to the way that Saffiano leather is produced it means that it’s more durable and resistant to scratches. I love this about it as although I do try and look after my bags it can be so easy to scratch the leather.

This one is 11 inches, which I find is the perfect size for day to day use, especially if you don’t need to carry lots with you. It’s still surprisingly roomy though so you can still fit quiet a few things in. The satchels come in a range of sizes from a tiny 7 inches to a larger 15 inches meaning there will be one that’s perfect for you.

What’s in my bag?

Glasses (plus case)

This all fits in easily with some space left meaning I can add in my portable charger if I know I’m going to be using my phone a lot throughout the day.

Would you go for a Batchel or a Classic Satchel?
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