Vo5 Heat Protect Styling Spray

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately but uni has kind of taken over my life at the moment and it being my final year it has had to come first. I’ve started juggling my time about a bit and figured that I might be able to write and schedule post throughout the week for the following week. Here’s hoping my plan works…

Vo5 Heat Protect Spray

Anyways I bought this last month and have been using it every time that I blow dry my hair. I never used a heat protecting spay before this…I know shocking beauty blogger….but I never really had a problem with my hair having spit ends and frequently used my beloved Hask Argan oil. I just felt that I should maybe take a bit more care with my hair so decided to pick up this Vo5 spray at Boots and picked up another item from the range which I’ll talk about soon. This range has bright pink packaging which I love, it really makes it stand out and if it’s a product that you are carrying with you easy to find in your bag. I really like that this spray has a lock button as it means that it can travel safely without spraying/leaking all over everything.

Vo5 Heat Protect Spray

This spray protects hair from temperatures of up to 230⁰ which I think is definitely enough for everyday use. I don’t think that it smells overly strong but you can definitely smell it when you spray it, but it smells so good you have to stop yourself from spraying too much. The fragrance is quite fruity which have to say I really love. I find that using this helps to keep hair smooth, shiny and super soft without feeling heavy or leaving your hair feeling sticky.

It’s really simple to use just apply to towel dried hair and your good to style! I do like to brush hair through just after spraying to make sure that it coats most of the hair. I’m always paranoid after I used another spray and it just came out as a large blob on my hair, this Vo5 spray does not have this problem though and I feel that it does manage to cover a lot of the hair when you’re spraying it.

You can buy this in Boots and Superdrug for around £4 and they usually have deals on the Vo5 range too 🙂

Have your tried the Vo5 spray or do you prefer another brand of heat protector? Have you tried any of the other products in the Vo5 range?


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