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Top Five Apps That Bloggers Need

Since I work full time, I try to make the most of my free time in order to keep my blog and social media up-to-date. This means that I take advantage of a range of apps to help me manage my blog while I’m on the go. I thought I’d share my top five must have apps with you:


Having the app on my phone means that I can write posts while sitting on the train or the bus. I feel that this a a great way to utilise my time which I would probably have spent scrolling through Facebook or looking out the window. It mean that I can reply to any comments, check stats or add new pictures to my media library straight from my phone.


I absolutely love Planoly! I use this to plan out my Instagram posts and schedule them. What’s great about Planoly is you can upload your photos in any order and then move them around on the preview screen so you can see how your feed will look before you schedule your posts. You can also create hashtag groups so that you can easily post all your most used hashtags with the click of a button.


I’ve used Hootsuite for years and I find that it’s really simple to use. I use this to schedule my posts for Facebook and Twitter. The great thing about Hootsuite is that it lets you can schedule your content to go live at optimum times so that more people can see your content.


I had avoided VSCO for ages, I used it a couple of times in the past and decided it wasn’t for me. However, I started using it for work and my opinion of it has really changed. It does take some playing about with to find an editing style that you like but once you find it, you can can create a recipe or preset meaning you can create consistent looking pictures in one click. If you need some inspiration for creating some recipes then take a scroll through Pinterest to find some that works for your style of photography.


I find Snapseed perfect for making some adjustments to images such as increasing the exposure, straightening the image or removing things from the background. The app is really easy to use and best of all, it creates a new version of your photo so the original one stays the same. I usually edit my Instagram photos in Snapseed before adding a filter in VSCO.

What are your top blogging apps?
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