Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Flatlay image of a Two Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette. There is also a white flower in the image

I can’t believe I’ve not shared my thoughts on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette on here yet! I’ve had this palette for a little while now, which you’ll probably have noticed if you follow me on Instagram.

I was originally torn between getting this palette or the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar palette, but decided the original version as I felt that it had more colours that I would wear.

The eye-shadows are house in a metal case shaped like a chocolate bar which I absolutely love. The case seems pretty sturdy though I have been careful not to drop it. Inside there is a large mirror which makes it perfect for any touch ups on the go.

As soon as you open the case you are met with the amazing smell of chocolate from the eye-shadows. I don’t find this smell to be overpowering and you certainly can’t smell it when you’re wearing. The eye-shadows are really pigmented and have a lovely soft texture. I find that the shadows blend really easily together and haven’t experienced any fallout from any of the shades when I’ve been applying them.

I have to admit that I was initially unsure of a couple of the shades as I didn’t think that I would really wear Strawberry Bon Bon as it looks very pink and Cherry Cordial which had quite a reddish tone to it but to my surprise these have become firm favourites.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Swatches

I find that all of the shades are very wearable and the range of colours means that you have the opportunity to create a wide range of looks perfect for day or more dramatic look for night. I find these shadows to have an amazing wear time whether I’m braving the Scottish weather during the day or dancing on a night out, I’ve never experience any creasing with these shadows and very little, if any, fading.

The palette comes with a small instruction sheet which details a couple of looks however if you’re in need of some inspiration then I would recommend checking out Pinterest as there are so many posts using this palette.


What’s your favourite brand for eye-shadows?
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