Things to See and Do in Shetland Part Two

Last week’s post focused on things to see and do in Lerwick, this week I’m going to talk about some of the other places that I visited in Shetland.  Although I was there on work experience I made sure that I saw as much of the island as I could.  I plan to go back soon for a proper holiday so that I can see a little more of the mainland and hopefully some of the other islands.

Banna Minn Beach, Shetland

Banna Minn Beach, Shetland

Banna Minn Beach, Shetland

Banna Minn Beach

This gorgeous beach is on West Burra and is set along the west side of a tombolo leading out to the Kettla Ness Peninsula.  This was the first time that I had seen a tombolo; this is where an island is attached to the mainland by a narrow section of land.  On one side is a beautiful sandy beach with clear blue water and on the opposite side is a stoney beach.  You can walk out to Kettla Ness and walk over towards the cliffs – I didn’t have the best shoes on for doing this so decided that I would just enjoy the beach before heading off to do some more exploring.


Shetland’s former capital was my next stop after Banna Min Beach.  One of the main attractions in Scalloway is the castle which was built in the 1600’s.  It was quite interesting to walk about and over course I just had to say hello to the Shetland ponies in the nearby field.



St Ninian’s Isle

This little island is connected to the mainland by the UK’s largest tombolo, which is approximately 500 meters long.  In the summer St Ninian’s Isle is accessible during the summer however during the winter the beach is sometimes covered at high tide.  It was quite windy when I was here but it didn’t put me off trying to get some good pictures.  On St Ninian’s Isle there was a lot of sheep which had lambs which was really cute to see and some of the gulls were nesting on the cliffs as well.


Eshaness Cliffs

The cliffs are in the north east of the islands and it was incredibly windy here.  When chatting to people in the office they asked if I’d been brave enough to venture out of the car as most people admire the view from the warmth of their car apparently.  This was where I realised that I really wanted to learn how to use my camera properly as when I look at the pictures now, I think they could be better.  It was a really lovely walk around the cliffs despite the wind but I imagine that it would be a more pleasant walk in nice weather.


Some other pictures from my travels







Between Sandness and Lerwick



I can’t wait to go back up at some point for a proper holiday as I feel that there was so much I never got see since I was working during the week.  It’s such a beautiful place and by next time I hope to have perfected my photography skills.

Have you visited Shetland?  Is there anywhere that you would recommend that I check out next time?  Do places like this make you want to try a ‘staycation’?


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