Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream

I got this Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream in my January My Little Box; which you can read more about here. I hadn’t heard of the brand Talika before who originated in France in the 1940’s. I always think that it’s really interesting when you find out that a brand has been established for so long especially when you’ve never heard of it. From what I’ve seen online there doesn’t seem to be many people talking about it, which is a little strange as this has definitely become one of my favourite moisturisers.

Talkia Photo Hydra Day Cream

Photo Hydra has a lot of science behind it, as it works by using natural daylight to help moisturiser be absorbed by deeper levels of the skin. It apparently does so by turning light energy into intercellular hydrating energy. I have no idea how it manages to do this and what processes it involves but I can tell you it does an amazing job of hydrating your skin. I’ve been using this moisturiser almost every day since I got it and I absolutely love it and really wish I had heard about it sooner.

Talkia Photo Hydra Day Cream

Photo hydra has a cream gel consistence meaning that it is quickly absorbed into the skin. I find that my skin feels really soft and hydrated after using this. I feel that it really helps to target any areas of dryness that you can see or feel on your skin.

Talkia Photo Hydra Day Cream

I’m not usually one to comment overly on the packaging but I feel that with this the packing is a bit of a let-down. I think the tube, although it makes getting the product out easy, it looks quite cheap compared to other products of a similar price. This costs more than my usual Clarins’ Daily Energizer Cream by £9 but I feel like the Clarin’s glass tub looks more expensive and if I had to guess on packaging alone I would never have said that this cost more. But then again it’s not the packaging that counts the most is it?

Talkia Photo Hydra Day Cream

Overall I really love this product and once I’ve finished this, I will definitely be purchasing it, perhaps even the larger 50ml tube if I have a little bit extra money. If you’re looking for a new moisturiser then I would really recommend that you give this a try. You can purchase Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream at Beauty Bay where it is on offer for £27 for the 3oml verison like this or at Boots where you can pick up the 50ml version for £43.50.

Have you tried Talika’s Photo Hydra Day Cream or any other Talkia products?  Are there any other brands that perhaps aren’t as well know as you think they should be?

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