Superdrug Colour Vibrance Hair Dye in Cosmic Purple (3.66)

I decided that after having my hair a similar colour for almost 2 years I decided to go back to purple!  I had tried to dye it purple about 6 months or so ago (with Garnier Olia) but the colour barely took it and it didn’t even dye some parts despite being completely saturated in dye and faded quickly.

I was in Superdrug and decided I wanted something different and having tried one of their dyes before (which  worked really well) I decided to try Cosmic Purple.  When I had purple hair before I got it done at the hairdressers, specially mixed up for me and no box dyes ever seemed to compete with the look that it gave.  Superdrugs hair dyes are also not tested on animals.

Cosmetic Purple

Cosmetic Purple

I forgot to take a before picture but  I would describe it as being an auburn colour and I wasn’t sure how the dye would take as my hair has been dyed a similar colour for two/three years and has a lot of red build up/staining.

Cosmetic Purple

In the box you get the usual, gloves, instructions, developer, colourant and a conditioner.  You mix the colourant with the developer and then apply.  It has a creamy formula and applies really easily and doesn’t drip.  If you slightly messy when applying dye, like myself, you will be glad to know that it wipes of things easily however this is best done before it dries.  I don’t feel that this dye smells to badly especially when compared to others.

After 30 minutes rinse it of and apply the conditioner, which smells really nice.  Its also a good size meaning that it can be used again when ever you need it.  The instructions recommend using it as a weekly treatment.

I was really impressed with this colour it has went quite a bright purple at the roots, which were a light brown colour and has left the rest of the hair a purple/red colour.   There are a few bits that the dye hasn’t really managed to colour (these are small and look a little like hi-lights) but like I said my hair has a lot of red staining on it, but I think that putting another box of Cosmic Purple will help make these bits more purple.  I think if your hair doesn’t have a lot of previous dye on it then it will most likely go a bright purple.

Cosmetic Purple

Cosmetic Purple

I think this will be my new favourite hair dye for a while and it is definitely the best permanent purple hair dye that you can buy in the shops.  I have washed it a few times since dyeing it and it hasn’t faded at all.  At the moment the Superdrug Vibrance Colours are 2 for £6 so it’s definitely a good buy.  I have quite think hair and need just one box however if your hair is any longer than mine I would recommend that you use 2 boxes.  As you can see this hair dye leaves hair super shiny and healthy looking.

Have you ever tried any of the Superdrug hair dyes?  What did you think of them?  Or do you have another favourite hair dye brand? 🙂


4 responses to “Superdrug Colour Vibrance Hair Dye in Cosmic Purple (3.66)”

  1. That colour looks gorgeous. I wish I could pull it off.
    Adela x

  2. leanneorr says:

    That looks lovely, did it wash out soon after? You’ve tempted me! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s a permanent colour so it should last a while. I’ve had it for two weeks now and the colour looks just as good. I did put a second box through the ends just so that the previous red dye didn’t show through as much 🙂

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