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If you follow me on Instagram or have read my previous post, then you’ll know that I’ve been getting into fitness a lot more. I decided that I wanted to get fitter this year and so far have been sticking to it well.  Last week I managed 4 classes at the gym (Body Pump, Piloxing Barre, Piloxing Knockout and Yoga/Pilates), went once to the gym, which I’m planning on doing this week too! I’ve also been following Kayla Bikini Body Guide workouts which I am loving even if they can be really tough. If you’re thinking about starting to get fit too whether it’s at home or heading to the gym the one thing us girls need is a good sports bra!

This is the one piece of sportswear that is essential for women as research shows that breasts move vertically, horizontally and laterally (essentially a figure of 8 shape) while exercising. With statistics suggesting that many of us are wearing the wrong size of bra, I would also recommend that you get measured by a professional but this post should give you an idea of what to look for in your sports bra. When searching for your perfect sports bras there are a couple of things to consider; what type of fit you want and what sort of activities you’re going to be taking part in.

Sports bras come in three types;

Sports bras also have recommended sports intensities which are low, medium and high impact. Some brands don’t give examples of what sports are included so I thought I would create a mini list to give you an idea;

When searching for your perfect sports bra it’s best to try it on and move about a little to see if it feels supportive.  If it comes in bra sizes and you want to check the back size, then fasten it on the middle set of hooks and slide to fingers underneath at the back.  Gently pull it away for your body and if you can pull it more than an inch then go down a back size.  For the cup size your boobs should fit in the cups perfectly, if the cups ar wrinkled go down a cup size and if your boobs spilling out at the top or sides then go up a cup size.

I’ll be honest I might have went a little mad in the sales and bought a lot of new sportswear to keep me motivated. Below are a few of the sports bras that I bought which gives an idea of some of the different types;

Low impact – Matalan

Low Impact

This one offers some compression but doesn’t provide too much support and is great for activities such as yoga and pilates where there is not too much intense movement.


Medium Impact – Marks and Spencer

Medium impact

This sports bra is great for medium impact as it offers more compression and support than the one above. I like to wear a medium impact when I know there is going to be some moving but nothing too intense. I usually wear this or one with similar support when I’m going to Piloxing Barre.


Extra High Impact – Marks and Spencer

high impact1


You can see that this one has both encapsulation and compression, and is also underwired for extra support. I find that most high impact bras come in bra sizes and tend to fasten like a regular bra at the back. I wear a high impact/extra high impact for running or anything that involves a lot of moving about such as Piloxing Knockout as it has some jumping moves in it. You can also cross the straps over at the back which I feel helps to provide some extra support, they have a similar one here.


Some that I love and thought I would share;

Sports Bras1

Yellow and grey sports bra (low impact) – £10.99, Decathlon

Black cut out design sports bra (low impact) – £12.99, New Look

Grey and pink sports bra (high impact) – £45, Sweaty Betty

Purple sports bra (low impact) – £4, Primark

Pink and coral zip up sports bra (extra high impact) – £25, Marks and Spencer


Sports Bras2

Purple and white sports bra (low impact) – £8.00, USA Pro

Blue and pink sports bra (high impact) – £38, Freya

Grey sports bra (medium impact) – £25, Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer

Blue zip up sports bra (high impact) – £41.50, Victoria’s Secrets

Black and white sports bra (high impact) – £10, Matalan


I hope you’ve found this post helpful and if you have any questions ask away!


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