#SBBC Travel Dreams

There is so many places that I would love to visit and hope to do so at some point.  I’ve decided to give you the top 5 places I would love to see.


I fell in love with Seattle after seeing pictures of the Seattle skyline online, I especially loved this one of the lightning over the city.  If I was planning a trip to Seattle I would try and coincide it with when Warped Tour was on as this is something I would love to go to. I would also like to go to the Space Needle as it’s one of the main tourist attractions in Seattle, though I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to go up it.  I would also just like to wander round the city and chill in one of the many parks with a nice little coffee from Starbucks.

Seattle lightning


Chicago is another place that I would just love to visit.  My interest in Chicago was sparked as a band that I love come from there and each year just before Christmas they hold a few gigs and this was something that I really wanted to do.  Though now I know how cold it gets in Chicago I’m not sure I would cope too well going in the winter.  Again the skyline and the architecture looks amazing.


New York

I don’t think that there’s anyone who could say that they wouldn’t like to go to New York.  I love shopping and New York is full of amazing shops, I think I would be in heaven if I went to New York with loads of money.  I would just love to experience the business of it all and again probably visit some of the touristy places like Central park.



I really like Japanese culture and love all the different fashion styles that they have.  I have a Japanese fashion magazine which I bought of ebay ages ago and I just love seeing all the different styles.  Most of them really stand out in their own way.  I tried in the past to learn the Japanese language but I gave up as I was finding it difficult to teach myself and some websites had slightly different words/phrases so it was impossible to tell which was correct.  I also enjoy watching some anime like Deathnote, Durarara and Tora Dora.  Anyway Tokyo seems like an amazing place to visit.



I haven’t chosen a particular place in Spain as I would love to see it all.  I’ve been to Spain for a couple of holidays and both times we’ve went to towns which where close by.  I loved all the places that we visited and everyone was always so lovely.  The food in Spain is amazing, I think that I could survive on tapas and paella forever if I’m honest.  There are some really nice little shops to be found and one of my favourite bags was bought last year in a little town called Moraira.  Below is one of the pictures I took in Moraira.


Where would you like to travel to and what would you like to see most when you were there?  Or have you been somewhere that you can’t wait to go back to?

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  1. Chicago is amazing! I went there last year and the general ambiance just blew me away and plus deep pan pizza, yum!

    1. It looks so good, definitely going to save up and go at some point 🙂

  2. Seattle is pretty awesome. And the Space Needle isn’t very scary, you ride an elevator to the top, then there’s an indoor section, and outdoors with a sort of fence. It’s not the best thing to do, either. Rent a kayak and paddle on Lake Union. Watch the buskers and flying fish at Pike’s Place Market. Or take in the view of the Space Needle and downtown with Mt Rainier in the background from Kerry Park, have a picnic at sunset and watch the city lights come on.

    1. The Space Needle, I just wanted to go see as I felt you couldn’t go to Seattle without going to see it. Your suggestions sound amazing and I’ll remember them if I manage to go to Seattle in the future 🙂

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