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#SBBC is the September Beauty Blog Challenge which was arrange by Girl Friday and the challenge is to blog everyday in September.  I decided to take part as I was interested to see if I would be able to keep up with the challenge and post everyday.  I think it’ll be interesting to see if I can achieve this and hopefully it’ll get me into the habit of scheduling post more often rather than just publishing them when I’ve written them.  To find out more about the #SBBC then check out  Girl Friday’s blog post here.

So this post is for recent purchases, since I’m going on holiday in less than a weeks time I’ve been trying to keep spending limited so that I can buy more things when I’m away on holiday.  Anyway here are a few of my most recent purchases;

Recent Purchases Post

Fox Jumper From New Look

I have to admit that the following were not actually purchased by me (my mum bought them) but I decided to include them too;

Recent Purchases Post

The are from a shop in town and look so pretty, especially when the sun shines on all the little beads 🙂

Recent Purchases Post

Recent Purchases Post

Top from Primark with cheetahs and studs

And finally another two Primark purchases in the form of this pretty little skirt and little bear gloves/mittens;

Recent Purchases Post


So what do you think of my most recent purchase? And let me know if your taking part in the #SBBC so I can read your post too! 🙂



10 responses to “#SBBC Recent Purchases”

  1. Oh my god, those bear mittens!! Going to have to pick those up! x

  2. rohma0malik says:

    those shoes are amazing. good luck with the challenge
    I am a swedish fashion student based in london, would be awesome if you checked out my blog! 😀

  3. I absolutely love the mittens i will have to get them for myself, i think the cold weather is starting to roll in here xx

  4. Those mittens are so darn cute!! I love those shoes too, super pretty:)

  5. Katy says:

    Love the shoes! Xx


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