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I get inspiration for blog posts in a variety of places and always look at these when I’m struggling to come up with a new post idea.  Here are my favourite places to look for inspiration;


  • Magazines – I can’t imagine not buying magazines as I love magazines and during my spending ban I didn’t buy any and it’s definitely had an impact on the amount that I buy now.  Anyway two of my favourite magazines at the moment are Glamour and Company.   I feel that they provide so much inspiration, from picture ideas to articles.  It can help you find products to review that you maybe wouldn’t have thought of trying or writing a post based on an interesting article you read in it.
  • Other Blogs – I also find inspiration from other blogs, although if your going to take inspiration from other blogs make sure you don’t copy them and if you decided to write something that is very similar/based on something they wrote make sure you give them some credit 🙂  That’s how I came up with my Summer Essential series; as lots of bloggers were doing favourite posts but at the time none of the ones I was reading had focused solely on summer products so I decided to create a series of posts based on this.  Blogs also help provide fashion inspiration too, although I hate it when a product becomes really popular and every fashion blog has the same thing.  They also help you find new beauty products to try and review on you blog and most bloggers give their honest opinion so you have an idea of what the product is really like before you buy it.
  • Other people – I think you can find inspiration from other people, whether it be friends, family or just a random person in the street.  This is mainly for fashion, as sometimes you see someone in  an outfit with items that you maybe wouldn’t have thought about trying together.


So that’s the three main places that I find inspiration for writing for my blog; where do you find inspiration for blog writing?

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