Revlon Photoready Cream Blush – Coral Reef

I decided to give this a go as there was a three for two offer on Revlon products in Boots and I remember seeing lots of blogs talking about it last year.  Revlon photoready cream blushers come in three colours, Pinched, Charmed and Coral Reef.  I decided to go for Coral Reef.

Revlon Cream Blush Coral Reef

This is the first cream blush that I’ve tried and I wasn’t sure about it at first when I picked it up as it looks really bright in the tub.  It doesn’t apply as bright as this but I think if you wanted to make it really stand out  you could just apply more product.  I think that I’ll be using this a lot throughout the summer, it just seems like such a lovely bright summery colour.

Revlon Cream Blush Coral Reef

Revlon Cream Blush Coral Reef

To apply it I used my fingers and placed it where I wanted on my cheeks and the blended in with a brush.  Some people said that they liked to apply it using a stippling brush but I don’t have one of them and some people said that applying with fingers gives pretty much the same result.  I definitely think that the way that you apply it is just personal preference and that everyone will have a way that works best for them.

Revlon Cream Blush Coral Reef

I find that this lasts about 4-5 hours before fading, if you want it to last longer you could perhaps try using a powder on top of it.  I tried with different bases and it worked well on them all apart from BB cream (but I read a post somewhere – I feel bad that I can’t remember where I seen it as I don’t think it was a blogger that I follow) and if you apply a powder over your BB cream and then your cream blush then it should blend in okay.  I also found that this worked fine on just bare skin and that it didn’t settle into any pores.

I really like this and will definitely be trying some more cream blushers, if there is any that you recommend let me know!  Revlon Photoready Cream blush retails at £7.99.



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