Reflecting on 2017 and Goals for 2018

This year seems to have flown by! Honestly where has the time gone?  Like every year this one has had its ups and downs but I have to say it has mostly been good.  I was really lucky this year to see a few different places, Belfast, Shetland and Lagos.  I also met up with old friends and made some new ones too.  Tonight I’m going to be celebrating New Year’s in Biggar as the town will be hosting their annual Hogmanay bonfire and street party.  I thought I’d do a little post reflecting on the year and my plans for next year.

Laptop, Notebook and pens

Looking Back at 2017

New Car

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably have seen me post pictures of Bertie (everyone names their car, right?) my baby blue Fiat 500 which I just love to bits.  This is a great wee car especially for parking, it can get in even the smallest of spaces.  It’s also surprisingly room for a small car and I have easily managed it fit in a big bag of horse feed and a bale of shavings in the back seat.

Weekend in Belfast

I headed to Belfast back in April for a weekend trip with my mum, aunt and some of my aunt’s in-laws.  I had a great time there, seeing the city from the open top bus, eating lots of nice food and visiting the Titanic museum.  If there was a downside it was that I wasn’t there long enough!  I definitely plan to go back at some point so we’ll see what happens in 2018.

Going to Shetland

Travelling to Shetland was one of the highlights of my year.  It was somewhere that I had always wanted to see and I was lucky enough to get the chance to do some work experience at The Shetland Times newspaper.  I hired a car when I went there so I could travel around the island on my days off as I wanted to see as much as I could during my time there. You can see some of what I got up to in my Things to See and Do in Shetland posts.

Weekend break in Lagos

I also had the chance to have a weekend in Lagos, Portugal in September.  It was lovely to have a little break somewhere warm.  We found an amazing little café that gave everyone blankets at night in case you got cold.  You can find out more about what I got up to in my Lagos post.

Failing Exams

This was a rubbish part of the year to be honest and it meant I couldn’t work on my final project until recently and that I didn’t get to graduate in November with the majority of my class.  But I had to look at the positive side of things, a least when I do graduate in June the weather should be nicer for my pictures (hopefully!).


She's Looking at the Star Instagram

Above is my top nine photos from 2017 on Instagram, I love this set of pictures as I feel like it reflects everything that I blog about.  You can find me on Instagram here.


Goals for the New Year

Finding a new job

I’m currently finishing of my Master’s project for uni which I will be handing in very soon and I have to say I’ll be really glad when it’s all over.  I will also be finishing of the internship that I’m currently doing and will be looking for something more permanent.  I’ve already been applying for some jobs but next year will see me moving into a proper career job.

Stick to a schedule

I feel like I let my blog go for a while.  I was finding it difficult find the time to create new content, take pictures get involved in blog chats on Twitter etc.  I’m hoping that by trying to stick to a more of a schedule that it’ll help keep me focused.

Improve My Photography

This is one for the blog but also a personal one.  I’m still getting the hang of using the manual settings on my camera but there is a lot to improve on.  I’ve bought myself a book on photography and I am determined that by the end of next year all of the pictures on my blog will be hugely improved.

Make more time for friends and family

This is something that I really need to focus on next year even if it’s just sending a text to ask how they are.  With everyone working at different times it’s not always easy to arrange meeting up but I’m definitely going to make much more of an effort arrange things.


Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals? Do you plan to make any this year?


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