Red Carpet Manicure Starter Set Review

I got my Red Carpet Manicure set for my birthday because due to currently working in retail, putting stock out and being on tills was resulting in my nail varnish lasting a day if I was lucky.  I had been getting Shellac nails done at my local beauty salon however I was starting to feel it hard to fit in an appointment when I was working longer shifts and to be honest I missed being able to do my own nails.  After seeing some reviews of the Red Carpet Manicure set I decided to ask for it for my birthday.

Red Carpet Manicure Starter Set

I was attracted to Red Carpet Manicure over other brands due to the wide choice of colours (177 to choose from!), the positive reviews and the fact that they are widely available being stocked in their online store, Marks and Spencer and Sally Express to name a few.

Red Carpet Manicure Starter Set

Red Carpet Manicure Starter Set

Red Carpet Manicure

Red Carpet Manicure

The starter kit comes with a portable LED lamp, Erase, Purify, Prep, Structure Base Coat, Red Carpet Reddy nail colour, Brilliance Top Coat and Revitalise Cuticle Oil.  I should point out that the Erase in the picture is the regular sized bottle and the one that comes in the set is the same size as the Purify bottle.  I’ve included a couple of other gel colours in the pictures above and below just to give an idea of the colours available.  Above the mint colour is Parisian Chic and the pink is Oh So 90210.

I found the kit really easy to use and once you’ve done it a couple of times you won’t even need to look at the instructions.  First you have to wipe nails with Purify followed by the Prep solution so that the gel sticks to the nails better, then you’re ready to start applying the base coat.  If I have one tip for this it is to make sure that all of the coats that you apply are thin layers, if it’s too thick then it won’t cure properly and will most likely start lifting at the edges within a few days.  Once you’ve applied and cured the base coat for one minute simply apply two coats of the Red Carpet Manicure nail colour, curing for two minutes between each coat.  Finally apply the top coat, cure for two minutes, wipe with Purify and finish it off with some Revitalise and you’re done!

Red Carpet Manicure - Red Carpet Reddy

Red Carpet Reddy

The gel stays slightly tacky until you wipe it with the Purify solution at the end so try not to touch your nails until you’ve completely finished.

If I had to find one problem with this system it would be that the lamp doesn’t have a timer, but I’m quite happy to just use my phone as the timer.  I find that the gel polish lasts around two weeks before I start to see some minimal chipping near the tips which I feel is great considering I was lucky if regular polish lasted a day.  By two weeks I’m usually ready to change the colour to something else anyway.  The removal is quick and I’ve not experienced any problems while taking it off.  First use a nail file to rough up the surface of the gel, then you can use the Red Carpet Manicure Removal Wraps or simply use cotton wool pads soaked with Erase placed on top of the nail and then wrap with a strip of tin foil.  Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and the gel should have bubbled and lifted off from the nail surface.  You’re then ready to start again!

Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella Collection - That's Madam to You and Put a Slipper on It

That’s Madam To You and Put A Slipper On It

The great thing is it doesn’t cause any damage to your nails and I think they feel stronger with the gel than if it was just regular polish.  I can’t imagine going back to regular polish now, I just love how perfect and shiny they look with a gel manicure.

Have you tried any Red Carpet Manicure products?  If you’re not a fan of gel then you should check out their range of nail lacquers here.


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