Paris Street Style Book Review

I love reading books but I usually feel like I don’t get much of a chance due to having reading to do for uni, but when it comes to the Christmas holidays there is nothing I like better than to have a wee read of a good book.  This Christmas my boyfriend had bought me (after a little hinting) the Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic.

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

I love the little upside down Eiffel Tower heel

This is one of those books that you can read over a couple of day and go back to after having read it just for a flick through.  It’s not overly long at just 191 pages so you could read it within a day if you wanted but I much prefered just reading a chapter or two at time.  This book is a guideline and offers some advice it isn’t a book that necessarily says you have to wear such and such an item to be considered on-trend/chic.  Rather it advocates that you should find your own style and understand what you like wearing.  There are a few points in the book where it mentions that instead of just blindly following fashion that you’re not sure you like or doesn’t suit you, stick to what you want and notes that there are many items of clothing that are considered classics, even if they are not the biggest trend of the season.

Paris Street Style

There is a whole chapter on these classic pieces and it even provides some handy information on how to choose the best ones.  The classic items in the book include the trench coat – which is best when its made out of gabardine, boots, shirts, v neck sweaters and short leather jackets.  I think that these items really help to emphasis that fashion is for everyone and I think everyone could find one of the above items to suit them.

Paris Street Style

There are also chapters on how to make mass-produced clothes look chic as well as what items can be borrowed from other people’s wardrobes such as your granny and your boyfriend.  There is style tips and useful information packed in to this books as well as gorgeous pictures, illustrations and interviews.  There are some points that you may disagree with such as the writers dislike for srunchies and saying that shoes should be expensive ones.  As much as I would like to fill my wardrobe with beautiful expensive shoes, I can’t afford to yet being a student so I’ll stick to my mass-produced Primark ones for now.  There is definitely a lot of good shoes available on the high street and I think that the book over looks this a little.  However it does make the relevent point that people now buy items for one season only and that sometimes clothes are not made to the standard that they once were (including designer items!).

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

One of the really nice touches of this book is that at the back it name different places to eat, drink, shop and even get your hair done.  If I get the chance to go back to Paris I will definitely be going to see what some of these places are like.  Sadly the last time I was in Paris it was a school trip to Disneyland which meant we didn’t really get a chance to explore much of the city and go shopping – we did however get to see the Eiffel Tower and go on a boat trip down the river.

Have you read Paris Street Style?  If you have what did you think?  Have you been to Paris and if you have is there anything that you would recommend going to see?

Also if you have any recommendations for fashion based books, I would love to know 🙂


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  1. Hello fellow Scottish blogger! This looks like a really interesting book. Your blog header is so pretty too x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  2. This book looks amazing! How cute that it even gives you recommended places, I defo need to grab this x

    • Samantha says:

      It’s so good! Definitely want to see what the places are like if I get the chance to go back to Paris x

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