Overgate Shopping Centre’s Tweet Chic Event

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Overgate Shopping Centre’s Tweet Chic event which encouraged shoppers to talk about the event via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #TweetChic.

Overgate was using the Tweet Chic event to show off different brands Spring/Summer trends and hosted a fashion show every hour featuring new trends and different brands – all of which were from stores in the shopping centre meaning that you go a buy any that you liked after!  It also featurred Magic Mirrors and there was a stylist there to offer fashion advice.

Below are some of the pictures I took during one of the shows;

Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Overgate Tweet Chic Event


Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Aqua Chiffon Maxi Dress – Quiz £69.99

Pink Chiffon Dress – Quiz £49.99 (Quiz also offer a 15% student discount!)

Sequin Dress – French Connection £150

There was also the opportunity to use the Magic Mirrors where you could virtually try on clothes. It works by using a Kinect sensor to pick up on body movements to allow you to swipe through a variety of clothes which are featured on the mirror.   Once you have selected what you want to try on you simply take a picture and it superimposes the image of the clothes on to your body.  I thought this was a really great concept however they seemed to have a little bit of trouble picking up on arm movements at some points; this might have been due to people standing behind though.

There was also stalls set up at the event such as this one by B. Makeup which is available at Superdrug.  I haven’t tried any of their products yet but after testing their lipglosses I’m definitely going to be trying some of them.  All of the products by B. Makeup and Skincare are all cruelty free and vegan friendly.  If you’ve tried any of the products let me know what you’d recommend.

Overgate Tweet Chic Event Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Some of the other gorgeous clothes;

Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Aqua Chiffon Maxi Dress – Quiz

Floral Print Dress – Star by Julien MacDonald at Debenhams £N/A I couldn’t find this exact one online but there is a maxi dress with a similar print


Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Brown Cord Skirt – Topshop £30 I think this is the perfect way to channel the 70s style trends

Light Blue Coat – H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams £89 – This is currently reduced to £26.70!


Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Overgate Tweet Chic Event

Striped Dress – French Connection £75

Soft Spray Print Dress – French Connection £150

Sequin Dress – French Connection £150

Ripple Print Dress – French Connection £120

Shimmer Dress – French Connection £95

I just love the amount of detail in both the sequin and shimmer dress

The shopping centre has lots of great stores inside such as Debenhams, French Connection, New Look and Primark. I think that this is definitely better than the shopping centres near me. I really hope that Overgate put on a similar type of show for Autumn/Winter (I know I shouldn’t be wishing away Summer before it’s even started!)

If there is one thing that they could perhaps improve on if they decide to do a similar event again it would be to turn the music down slightly. The music was up really loud even when there was no fashion show on making it a little difficult to hear people at times and I feel that this made some people less likely to approach. I noticed quite a few people (especially older people) looking a little confused and unsure, I think they would have been more likely to go over and find out what was happening if they knew that they would be able to hear who they were speaking to clearly. As even if they don’t use social media and the words, Twitter, Instagram and #TweetChic meant nothing to them, they would still have had the opportunity to use the Magic Mirror and be able to chat to the stylist.

I really loved the event and hope they do it again and I would love to see something like this in more shopping centres.

Did you have the chance to attend Overgate’s Tweet Chic Event?  If you did what did you think?  If you didn’t is this something that you’d like to see in shopping centres nearer you?


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