NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow

I have the NYC (New York Color) metro quartet eyeshadow in Union Square.  The eyeshadow case explains where to use each eye shadow; all over, crease, highlight and contour, and is therefore perfect for creating a smokey eye look.  The range comes in a total of five colours, so far I only have Union Square but I will definitely be purchasing more.

I have used this eye shadow set on numerous occasions and therefore can honestly say that it lasts all day (I’m not a fan of constantly having to reapply make up throughout the day).

The colours  in the set go very well together and are easy to blend together.  Below are the swatches of each colour; all over, contour, highlight and crease.

The colours aren’t very clear in the picture, and they also have a lovely subtle shimmer to them.

The metro quartet cost £2.99 which is an amazing price considering the quality of the eye shadows.  NYC cosmetics can be purchased from Superdrug.


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