MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Palette

I was really curious to try this as I have never used coloured concealers before and it being only £4 I just had to give it a try. Like all the recent MUA products it comes in a white plastic casing which seems quite sturdy although I find that mine is quite difficult to open, I’m not sure if this is a common thing or whether it’s just the one that picked up.

MUA Prime and Conceal Palette

MUA Prime and Conceal Palette

I think the downside to the packaging is that it doesn’t tell you which colour is for concealing what, so if you don’t already know then it recommends that you go on their website. I’m not sure if this is because they hope that by attracting people to their website that people may be tempted to buy more of their products as I feel that this could have been easily added to the label on the bottom. I think that this might actually put some people off as not everyone is going to want to go home and look up how to use it.

MUA Prime and Conceal Palette

Inside you have 5 colours;

Peach – Adds radiance

Green – Neutralises and reduces redness

Lilac – Illuminates and mutes yellow undertones

Yellow – Brightens and conceals purple tones

Pink (centre colour) – highlighting

MUA Prime and Conceal Palette

All of the colours are really creamy in texture and feel very similar to their cream blushers. The peach is great for using under your eyes as it helps to cover darks circles while adding a touch of brightness. I find that the green covers redness well however I tend to use it under my foundation rather than on top like most concealers as I find that it can leave as slight white tone. I haven’t really used the lilac too much but I find that it helps to illuminate the skin, which is great if you need to brighten your look up a little if you’ve had a late night etc. I use the yellow tone under part of my eyes as sometimes I feel that you can really see one of my veins and I find that this really helps to cover it. The highlighting colour is great for highlighting your cheek bones or using on your brow bone.

Overall I really like this concealer palette; it’s the first time I’ve tried one like this and would definitely buy this again and would really recommend giving a colour correcting concealer palette like this ago if you haven’t before.  You can purchase this palette from Superdrug or the MUA store.

Have you tried the MUA Prime and Conceal palette or would you recommend a different colour correcting concealer palette?


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