MUA Nail Polish – Bullet

I’ve been a little lacking in the blog front lately and I really have to apologize for this but life has just been so busy at the moment.  I’ve just started back uni, have things to do for each class, my dissertation to prepare and I’m doing an online journalism course as well!  But anyway on with the post!

MUA Nail Polish Bullet

This is the first nail varnish that I’ve tried from MUA, mainly because I like my nail vanishes to last and I wasn’t sure how well the MUA range would last considering they only £1.  I’m not fan a nail varnish that chips after a day or two as I just hate the way that chipped nail varnish looks.  But I have to say, I was really impressed by MUA.  I decided to choose Bullet as I wanted to give grey nail varnish a go and it’s one of the few colours that I don’t already have.

I found that Bullet had a slightly sheer consistency and it took me three coats before it was fully opaque. It is however really shiny, even with just one coat you could tell it was going to look lovely.  And once the three coats were on it looked amazing and it really made me wish that I had given MUA’s nail polish range a try before now.  It might have looked nice but how long did it last?

MUA Nail Polish Bullet

I found that it lasted 6 days before I noticed some slight chipping near the top and I mean the chipping was minimal, and you probably have got away with it for another day or two if you really wanted.  I think I may have found a new favourite nail polish brand, I’m not sure what their other colours are like but be prepared to hear about them soon as I have bought another couple to try.

I think for only £1 it’s a great way of trying nail colours that you may not have usually tried and being so price friendly it’s the prefect excuse to treat yourself to a few 🙂  You can find MUA nail polishes at Superdrug (here on the website) or on the MUA site .

Have you tried any MUA nail polishes?  If you have what colours do you recommend?


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