Maybelline Baby Skin Primer Review

I avoided the hype of the Maybelline Baby Lips but Baby Skin Primer is the most recent addition to their Baby range and I couldn’t resist it.  I think that this will probably receive the same amount of hype.



The primer has similar packaging to the Baby Lips and comes in a  cute pale blue tube with pink writing.  The tube contains 22ml of product which I think will last quite a while as a little bit of product goes along way.


The primer itself has a clear gel like consistency which I feel is similar to Benefits Porefesional, the only difference being Baby Skin is colourless.  I don’t have overly large pores but I find that it does help to reduce them.  I tried this primer for a least a week and with different foundations and a BB cream to ensure that I had a good idea of how well the product worked.  I found that it created a good base and that foundation just glided over the top and didn’t settle into any pore or cling to any dry patches.  I also found that this primer wasn’t drying on skin and that it didn’t cause mine to breakout in anyway.  My foundation lasted really well with this primer; around 10 hours and still looked perfect.  The tube says that you can wear the primer by itself which I have also tried and found that it made my skin look lovely and smooth looking.


Overall I really like this primer and would definitely recommend it if your wanting a cheap everyday primer.  Baby Skin Primer cost £7.99 and can be bought in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried the Baby Skin Primer?  Did you give into the Baby Lips hype, if you did what do you think of them?

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