Mallzee : A New Way To Shop

I recently received an email informing me of an exciting new website which is due to launch later this year, Mallzee.  Mallzee has created a new way of shopping online by creating a social aspect to it.  But how do they do this?

User’s create their own shopping ‘malls’ by selecting what shops they like to shop in.  So far over 200 brands have signed up these include, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Office and St Tropez so there is plenty of choice and something for everyone.  Mallzee also suggests products that match your personal style.

Now for the social part, you can visit your friends Mallzee and they can also visit yours.  Mallzee has also integrated Facebook chat allowing you to talk with your friends as you shop, as you would if you were at a mall.  You can also add items to your wardrobe which you can purchase at a later time.  However if you’re not on at the same time as your friends and you want your opinion on whether something would suit you, no need to panic you can create a poll allowing your friends to tell you what they think via Facebook and Twitter.  You can also decide who can see this poll, whether you want everyone or just a few friend to give their opinion.

And there is also a little added bonus, as the owner of your Mallzee every time a friend or yourself makes a purchase from your Mallzee you will earn a small percentage from the sale.

If you sign up to Mallzee now you will be entered in to their competition to win £100 ($155)!

Click to sign up to Mallzee and follow them on Twitter


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