Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar Review

It had been a while since I’d bought anything from Lush and in my little shopping trip last week I decided that I would go in and have a look.  I’d bought they’re Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar before (quite a while ago) and decided to pick one up so that I could feature it on here and share my thoughts on it with you all 🙂

Lush Shampoo Bar - Ultimate Shine

Ultimate Shine shampoo bar aims to leave hair feeling super clean and shiny.  Like all Lush’s products it’s not tested on animals and this product is also vegan. It’s really simple to use; I like to rub it in my hands to get a lather and then use this on hair.  It does suggest that you rub the shampoo bar onto hair but I like the way that I do it better as I feel that rubbing it onto hair may cause breakages.

Lush Shampoo Bar - Ultimate Shine

I find that this leaves hair looking super shiny and so soft.  I usually wash my hair every second day (I hate the look/feel of even a little greasyness – yuck) but I find with this that it can look and feel lovely for about three days.  I do find that I need to use a conditioner with this because if I don’t my hair can be quite tuggy (it’s always like this if I don’t use conditioner).  I can’t remember how long they last as it’s been a while since I bought one but I know that they last a lot longer than a bottle of shampoo usually does.  According to the Lush website the Shampoo Bars can last as long as 2-3 bottles of 200ml shampoo.  So 1 Shampoo Bar = 400-600mls of regular shampoo.

I think it’s probably best if you invest in one of the Shampoo Bar Tins or use a small tub to keep the product in as it will stop the product from sticking to surfaces after you’ve used it.  I definitely think that the shampoo bars would be perfect for going traveling; as they’re solid it means that you can put it in your carry on luggage.  I’ll definitely be buying another for when I go on holiday.

Have you tried any of Lush’s Shampoo Bars?  Do you have any favorite Lush products; let me know what you’d recommend 🙂


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  1. Sophia says:

    I just bought the Seanic Shampoo Bar last week. I bought it for traveling to Europe when I go in the summer so I have not tried it yet.

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