London Beauty Queen and SewLomax

It seems like there are loads of brands teaming up with bloggers at the moment but here is one that I love, London Beauty Queen and SewLomax.  If you don’t read London Beauty Queen by Hayley then I recommend that you do.  LBQ is updated with great beauty news everyday and due to working in the beauty industry she knows how products work and always gives her honest opinion.  SewLomax is a British brand started by Emma Lomax back in 2012.  The brand creates hand embroidered accessories and enable customers to personalise their products.


*Image from DiaryDaily


Anyway they have teamed up and created these gorgeous make up bags in three sizes ranging from £12-£28.  All three sizes feature the lipstick and nail varnish print in red, white and blue; which is the colour theme of the LBQ blog and says London Beauty Queen on the opposite side.  I definitely aim to try to get one of these, they are so cute and you can never have to many make up bags, right?  I love how the come in different sizes meaning that there should be one for everyone, I personally hate it when you see a gorgeous make-up bag but it’s too big or too small.

These are limited edition and I have a feeling that they might sell out pretty quickly so make sure that you check out the SewLomax site now.

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