Kiki London Gel Polish Review

I’ve been using gel polishes for a while now and recently came across the British based brand Kiki London. With 42 shades in the range there’s plenty to chose from and you’re sure to find something that you like.

Kiki London Gel Polish

Kiki London Gel Polish

I decided to try out five to find out what they were like and I have to say I absolutely love them. The shades I decided to try were:

Azure Wish – a bright blue with a subtle shimmer

Cake Pop – a pastel pink shade

Lilac Longing – a purple creme shade

Star struck – a navy blue with purple glitter

Field Fox –  a mid tone nude

Kiki London Gel Polish

Kiki London Gel Polish Azure Wish

Kiki London Gel Polish Star Struck

The band are also cruelty free saying:

​​​​​​​Kiki London is proud to be vegan-friendly and cruelty free with no products or ingredients deriving from, or ever tested on, animals.

To use the gel colours, you first have to apply and cure a base coat. After this apply your chosen colour and cure for two minutes before sealing with your chosen gel top coat.

The shade Star Struck looks amazing in the sun light and is super sparkly due to all the glitter, the pictures really don’t do this polish justice. I found that all of the above colours were completely opaque with two coats and there was no shrinking when curing the polishes.

The brush is a good size and makes it easy to cover the whole nail quite quickly, there’s nothing I dislike more than a tiny nail polish brush.

I have found that all the above colours last really well and even at the end of two weeks they still look perfect. The longest I’ve had any of the colours on has been three weeks before I needed to redo them due to regrowth. The removal was really easy too, simply soak some cotton wool in nail varnish remover, place on your nail and wrap in tin foil. After about 10 minutes the polish just flakes off.

Out of the gel polishes I’ve tried Kiki London’s Gel Polishes are definitely the best, gorgeous long lasting colours that are easy to remove and change.

You can buy Kiki London Gel Polish from their website where they retail for £7.99 (and they ship your order out really quickly too)

Have you tried any Kiki London Gel Polishes?
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