Jeff Garner Hosts Fashion Show At Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle’s Great Hall held host to its first ever fashion show in February. The event showcased Jeff Garner’s new collection before it headed off down to London for London Fashion Week.

One of the main messages conveyed by Jeff Garner’s line is sustainability and considering how fashion impacts the world around us. Mr Garner said: “Prophetik has always been a sustainable label since I started it in 2002 in Tennessee. I grew up on a horse farm and understood the relationship of nature and man. I believe as designers and creators we must be accountable for what we design and produce and leave the world a better place and not to poison our fellow humans with toxins in fashion. We must find creative solutions to bring the art of fashion back and use only natural materials and dyes and consume less.”

The brand helps to highlight the issues that are seen with the rise of fast fashion. Mr Garner said: “Fast fashion’s ethos is creating product that does not last which is called ‘Design Obsolescence’. Meaning that once the item develops holes or breaks it drives the consumer back into the store to purchase more of the same.”

Not only does the fast fashion industry have a huge impact on those who work to create the clothes as well as the environment. Recent documentaries such as Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashions Dirty Secrets have helped to highlight the devastating impact that the creation of cheap clothing can have.

Mr Garner said: “The industry will not change until consumers demand it for simply they want to stay in business…and consumers will not demand it until they receive the truth and actually break the addiction to cheap fast fashion and convenience. So that is why I am doing what I do, to help create the shift and start these conversations. I know too much and I have lost too much in life to pretend everything is okay or look the other way. Everyone deserves and has the right to make an educated decision of what goes on their body!”

The designers work is also inspired by the renaissance period saying: “This time period is a beautiful example of fashion as an art form not a commercial entity and the beauty of the strong feminine and strong masculine yet feminine male. Everything that one thought was beautiful ended up on the gowns…pearls and rubies and beautiful lace and trim work not for vanity but for beauty.”

Campaign images above copyright of Warren Media 2019 supplied by Prophetik

In conjunction with Prophetik, Historic Environment Scotland was proud to showcase their latest retail range which also took inspiration from Mary Queen of Scots.

Natasha Troitino, Head of Retail for HES, said “We are delighted to have this unique opportunity to work with an haute couture international designer to produce a capsule range of products inspired by Mary Queen of Scots. The creation of Jeff Garner’s 2019 collection, based on our historic sites and the story of Mary Queen of Scots, has provided a platform to showcase the rich abundance of creative industries Scotland has to offer, something which HES is passionate about. Along with the release of the film, ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, Scotland continues to be celebrated internationally and secure its place within modern culture.”

Here’s a look at some of the products that have been created

Images copyright of Warren Media 2019 supplied by Historic Environment Scotland


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