How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

I think that everyone loves to have healthy, glossy looking hair.  Since I regularly colour my hair I feel that it’s important that I pay a little extra attention to it to make sure that I keep it in the best condition that I can.  Since I had the ends of my hair bleached, I’ve become an even bigger fan of hair oils to help repair any damage that has been done to my hair.

Here are some of my tips to get shiny, healthy locks…

Hair products flatlay

Hair products flatlay

Hair products flatlay

Use a weekly conditioning treatment

Using a weekly condition treatment will help to improve the look of damaged hair. Research has suggested that using a conditioner on hair is one of the best ways to keep hair healthy and to prevent breakages.  It found that using deep conditioning treatments were a great way to help add moisture to damaged hair.  I recommend Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask If you’d prefer to use something more natural you could try applying coconut oil to the ends of your hair and leaving it on for at least 15 minutes.

Protect against heat

The easy way to protect against heat is to simply not use heated styling products, but let’s be honest most of us can’t live without our hairdryer or straighteners.  Before using heated products make sure you coat all of your hair with a heat protecting spray.  To make sure that your hair is completely coated, spray small sections of hair and comb it through.

Get your hair trimmed regularly

You’ve probably heard the tale that getting your hair trimmed regularly will make it grow quicker.  This isn’t strictly true but visiting the hairdressers every six to eight weeks will leave your hair in better condition.  By getting rid of any spilt ends it will prevent the split from travelling further up the hair shaft and damaging more of the hair.

Hair Oil

Oils are a great way to help protect, replenish and add shine to hair. Argan oil will help to nourish hair, reduce frizz and will leave it feeling extra soft.  Apply from the mid-lengths and toward the ends of your hair avoiding the root so that it doesn’t become greasy.  If your hair is feeling very dry and damaged then a rich oil such as macadamia oil will help to hydrate and repair it.  I recommend Hask Macadamia Oil, Hask Argan Oil (both of which are a bargain at less than £2.50 each) and Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment.

Eat Well

Ensuring your diet contains the necessary nutrients will help to keep your hair healthy. By regularly eating foods which contain protein (e.g. meat, quinoa, lentils) vitamin A (e.g. sweet potatoes, carrots) and omega 3’s (e.g. oily fish, flaxseed, walnuts) it will help to improve the look of your hair

Avoid over using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is great for a quick fix when your hair starts to look a little greasy but it’s not something that should be used every day.  Using it consistently can cause the product to build up resulting in blocked pores and an itchy scalp.  As dry shampoo helps to absorb oil from the hair it can mean that it dries out your hair making it look lacklustre.

Don’t rub your wet hair

After washing your hair avoid rubbing it with a towel to try it off as when hair is wet it becomes more fragile.  Since its more fragile you are more like to cause breakages and the rubbing motion can also cause hair to become frizzy.  Instead squeeze out water and use the towel to blot any excess water from you hair.


Some of my favourite hair products


Do you have any tips for keeping your hair healthy?


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