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How to Keep Blonde Hair Healthy

I’ve been gradually going blonder over the last few months. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably have noticed it gradually getting lighter and lighter. I absolutely love being blonde and don’t see myself going back to being brunette any time soon, but I have to admit being blonde can be hard work. Since going blonde I’ve been making sure that I pay extra attention to my hair due to the damage that bleaching can cause. I thought I’d share some of my favourite hair care tips along with my favourite products for blonde hair.

Use a conditioning treatment

This helps to add moisture back into your hair and help prevent further damage to your. Research also suggests that using conditioner can help to prevent breakages and is one of the best ways to keep hair healthy.

Get your hair trimmed regularly

This helps to prevent further damage from split ends. If you get split ends there is no way to fix them and they will eventually cause the hair to split further up, resulting in more damage. The best way to combat this is to get a trim every 6-8 weeks.

Use a heat protecting spray

Since bleached hair is already damaged adding heat can easily cause more and dry hair out. It’s easy to say avoid using heated products but lets be honest, no one has time to let their hair dry naturally all the time in which case a good heat protecting spray is needed.

Use a treatment with purple pigments

Think back to school and the colour wheel, purple is opposite yellow and in hair products purple pigments help to eliminate brassy, yellow tones from blonde hair. There’s a whole range of purple based treatments from shampoos, conditioners and sprays.

hair care products for blonde hair

Hair care products for blonde hair
Lee Stafford Cactus Crush Range

I find this range amazing at adding moisture back into my hair. The range has a slightly fruity scent, which lovely and not overpowering. The shampoo lathers up really easily and leave your hair feeling clean and soft.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Range

This isn’t pictured as the shampoo and conditioner are a new edition to my hair care regime, but so far I’m loving it. It claims to have highlight activating properties that help to increase how blonde you’re hair looks. I do find that my hair does look a little blonder after using this, but it is worth noting that it doesn’t contain any purple pigments so it won’t remove any brassy tones.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Hot Shots

Using a purple based products help to keep brassy tones at bay. I sometimes find that using a purple shampoo isn’t quite enough and that’s where these Hot Shots come in. After shampooing you simply apply one of these dark purple shots to your hair. Leave on for three minutes or so and then goodbye yellow tones! I usually follow this with a moisturising conditioner like the Cactus Crush one.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor for Damaged Hair

This lightweight oil contains three different oils; macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. It helps to visibly repair hair while leaving it soft and shiny. With it’s not greasy formula this oil is quickly absorbed into hair. This miracle oil can also be used three ways, before shampooing, on damp hair or on dry hair.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I try to use a conditioning treatment weekly although, I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t always manage to do it every week. This is one of my favourite conditioning treatments, simply apply to wet hair and leave on for at least 10 minutes before washing out. This always leaves my hair feeling in amazing condition.



What are your favourite hair care products?

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