I’m off on holiday early in the morning, which I’m really looking forward to 🙂 There should be wifi where I’m staying so I should be able to reply to comments and gave scheduled a few post for while I’m away. I was planning on doing an ootd post but the weather was terrible today and the lighting didn’t look great, I do however plan on taking lots of pictures on holiday so expect outfit posts when I get back 🙂 You can see some of what I’m up to on holiday via instagram if you like.

Also thought you might like to see the shellac nails I got done today at About You in Paisley.  The colour is Grapefruit Sparkle and looks so pretty.  This is the second time that I’ve had shellac done and you can read about my first experience here.



So blogging will be back to normal at the weekend before I go away again! Hopefully you’ll like the posts I have scheduled 🙂


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