Girls With Attitude Nail Wraps Review*

I was sent some gorgeous nail wraps to try from the wonderful people for Girls With Attitude.  I was really exited to try these as I’d never used nail wraps before.  I was sent Night Sky nail wraps, which are black with silver diamonds and silver circles.  The design is nice and sparkly and I think that the nail wraps would make the perfect edition to any outfit (especially with all the parties on the lead up to Christmas).

The packet comes with 16 nail wraps, two of each size.  To apply remove the nail wrap that matches your nail size and apply it from the bottom to the tip of your nail.  To remove the excess you just fold over and file off. At the beginning, I found it a little tricky to apply the nail wraps so that they were completely smooth, however I found as I went on I was able to apply them better.

Nail wraps on

Close up of design

So far I’ve been wearing these nail wraps for four days now and I’ve had no problems with them (apart from the couple that weren’t applied completely smooth, but that was due to my application).

Overall I love these nail wraps and think that they would be great if you don’t want to have to worry about nail polish chipping or just don’t have them time to attempt to do fancy nail art. I will definitely be purchasing some of these nail wraps in the near future 🙂

Girls With Attitude nail wraps come in different colours and designs and can be purchased from their website , products are also sold in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried any nail wraps, and what were your thoughts on them?


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  1. I have a set I’ve been wanting to try but wasn’t sure how long they’d last. Did you put a top coat over yours once you applied? They look great!

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah I used a top coat on them, the instructions said to, this was the first time I’ve used them so I’m not sure if you do that with all brands of nail wraps? You really should try them, I took mine off after 5 days but that was only because of the ones I hadn’t applied very well, so I recon they could last maybe a week or more 🙂

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