Forever 21 Purchases

So Friday was the opening day of the Forever 21 in Glasgow.  I went in on my way home from uni, and even though the store had already been open a few hours it was still amazingly tidy.  I really hate going in to shops where everything is in the wrong place or just look messy.  The store was really busy when I was there but it’s really spacious so I didn’t realize how busy it was until I got to the tills and I had to wait for about 30 mins before being served.  But they were really friendly and going as fast as they could; there were a few problems with card payments taking ages to go through.  Anyway below is the things that I picked up,

Forever 21 skirt

This Black peplum skirt was only £8.75 which I think is a great price.  I think I have something that I’ll wear it with so hopefully I’ll manage to get an outfit post up soon using it.

forever 21 earrings and hairbows

forever 21 earrings close up

I also bought these cute little ear-rings and hair bows.  The ear-rings were only £2.40 which I was really surprised about as the anchors are quite detailed.  The hair bows were only £1.65 and I think they will look great during the summer.

I saw so many things that I wanted so no doubt I’ll be back in soon 😉  Let me know what you think of my purchases or Forever 21 🙂



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