Fashion Weeks: Still Important?

This week marks the end of Paris Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2013, which was the last of the most popular Fashion Week cites i.e. New York, London and Milan.  As a fashion blogger I followed these quite closely, eager to see what was likely to become ‘the next big thing’ within the fashion world.  But I began to wonder is fashion week enjoyed by everyone, do blog readers want to see post about Fashion Week on their favourite blogs or would the rather just see what their favourite blogger is wearing?

Fashion Weeks used to be exclusive to those who worked within fashion but now with such advances in social media anyone can find out what is happening at Fashion Week just by searching the internet.  Some of the shows are now streamed online for people to watch, such as the Topshop show at London Fashion week. Does this mean that Fashion week is losing its exclusivity?  Some think that it is and the designer Tom Ford events are usually invite only as he didn’t want people to become weary of seeing his collection in almost every fashion magazine and online.  This year at London fashion week he held a larger event and I think it will be interesting to see how this affects his brand, whether it gains him more popularity as more people are now aware of him or whether people will become disinterested in his designs due to being so widely publicised.

The lovely Jessica from Copper Garden answered some questions about her thoughts on Fashion Weeks;

I can see the appeal of Fashion Week for bloggers but I’m not sure it appeals to the majority of the public, I asked quite a few people what they thought of fashion week and many didn’t hold any opinions on it at all.  I think that fashion week helps provide inspiration and obviously all the shops on the high-street create similar items a few months later which the majority of people will buy. In turn this leads to certain items becoming the next must have thing, but I believe that most people will buy what other people are wearing rather than following the Fashion Weeks trends.

Let me know what you think 🙂


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