Collection Mardi Gras Lipbalm

Collection Mardi Gras Lipbalm

I picked this lip balm up not long after it was released and even gave one away in my most recent giveaway. I only realized just now that I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog. These came out just before the world cup and were a limited edition. I decided to go for the Strawberry flavoured one as it’s the one that appealed most to me being pink.  There are also Green Apple and Orange.

I really like the packaging on this, it is just plastic but I love the look of the pink and yellow together. It really does smell like strawberries and doesn’t smell over strong either which is nice. Although as you can see in the bullet it looks pink, it is not coloured. Which is a shame but I knew when I bought it that this was going to be the case. I have to admit that I really like lip balms that aren’t tinted as it means that I can wear more eyeshadow/liner without looking overly dressy.

Collection Mardi Gras Lipbalm

I found that this lasted a couple of hours which I think is to be expected from a lip balm. I found that it wasn’t drying on lips and helped to keep them hydrated. I used this a lot when I first bought it and it will definitely be coming with me on holiday as I think a good lip balm is a holiday essential.

I bought this for £1.99 in Superdrug I think that these are still available although I’m not sure as they are limited edition.

If you managed to get your hands on some what did you think?


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