A Month In Pictures

So this is my second month in pictures post and as promised I have taken more pictures this time!  If you want to follow me on instagram to see more of my picture you can do that here.


Paw print nails, advent calendar, bat jumper, Christmas tree, first Eggnog Latte from Starbucks, my cat, my new shoes, Lush bathbomb, selfie with new hair band

Hope you liked the post! 🙂


A Month In Pictures

This is the first of these kind of posts that I’ve done as I only recently started an Instagram account, which you can follow here if you like.  I’m still getting used to the idea and often forget to take pictures and upload them, as I have to upload them via my tablet as I sadly can’t get Instagram on my phone (this really make me want a new one).  Anyway there aren’t too many pictures here but I promise that the next month in pictures post will have lots more 🙂

Instagram 1

Rainbow at the farm, My new coffee mug, Barry M Vicious Violet, OOTD shorts

Do you have instagram?  Let me know, I really need some more people to follow 🙂