Benefit Lollibalm Review

I’d seen these when they first came out and was a little unsure about whether I wanted to try them or not but a few weeks back when I was passing the Benefit counter in Boots I decided to pick one up. The reason that I was a little unsure about purchasing the Benebalms was because I wasn’t sure if they would really be any good, because at the end of the day they are just a tinted lip. But I’m glad that I did pick one up and I wish that I had picked one up before now.

Benefit Lollibalm

Anyway so I decided to pick up Lollibalm which is described as being a candy-orchid shade, to me it’s a pale pink/lilac colour. All of the Benebalms can be used with the Benetints to help hydrate your lips as tints tend to be quiet drying. I unfortunately don’t have Lollitint so I can’t tell you how well it works in conjunction with this but I can tell you that it will leave your lips feeling really moisturised; this is because they contain both mango butter and sodium hyaluronate.

Benefit Lollibalm

The product is relatively sheer, obviously if you were using this over the tint then I think it might look a little bolder. I find that with a few swipes that you can get good colour pay off.  I really like wearing this when I have more eyeshadow/liner on and just want my lips to have a little bit of colour.  I think that the Benebalms will show up differently on everyone depending on the colour of their lips.

Benefit Lollibalm

Benefit Lollibalm

As for the packaging I just love it! I was a little frightened that the shiny casing would end up horribly scratched, as this is what tends to happen, but this has been I my bag multiple times and not a mark. I really like the cute little pattern on it too and this varies between the different shades.

Overall I would really recommend that you give this a try if you haven’t already; I really wish that I had bought this sooner. This has been amazing at keeping my lips moisturised during the winter and think that the colour will be just perfect for coming into spring.

You can pick up Benefits Benebalms at any Benefit counter in places such as Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser or on their website for £14.50.

Have you tried any of the Benefit Benebalms?  Or would you recommend another tinted lip balm?

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    beautiful lipstick, i love the color, loos very natural on you!
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