Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

As a huge fan of Shellac nails I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Barry M’s new Sunset Nail Paints, which claim to provide gel like nails without the need for a UV lamp. The nail paints instead use naturally produced UV light to cure so from the sun and artificial light in the house so there’s no need to wait for a nice sunny day to try these out.  The first colour that I picked up was “I’ve been Pinkin” along with the Sunset Topcoat, since then I’ve went back and bought “Do it Like a Nude” and “The Way You Make Me Teal”.

Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

I love the new wider brushes that Barry M appear to be using now as it makes it so much easier and quicker to do your nails. I find that with the new brush you can easily cover the whole nail in just one go. With these nail paints it says that you have to use the Sunset colour along with the Sunset top coat; I’ll be honest I’m not entirely sure what make the Sunset colours different from the rest of the nail paints and whether you could use the Topcoat with their regular nail paints. I can’t seem to find anything online that explains why they are different or how exactly they work. But anyway the main thing that I was interested in was; will the look like shellac (super shiny) and will they last for 10 days like the say.

Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

The first colour that I bought and tried was I’ve Been Pinkin which is a gorgeous bright pink. It recommends that you apply two thin coats of the colour, which I would say you need to make it fully opaque. Once the colour has dried you simply have to apply the Sunset Topcoat allowing it to dry and cure in the daylight. Once it has all dried you are left with super glossy nails which do actually look quite similar to Shellac and I have to admit that I was really impressed with this.

Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

Next up was would they last as long as Barry M suggests they will? I’ve found that they do seem to last as long as they suggested. The only reason that I’ve Been Pinkin chipped after 4 days of wear was because my actual nail had broken. After fixing this chip I managed to continue to wear them for about another 5 days before I decided to change the colour. Don’t get me wrong after the 9 days of wear there was slight/minimal chipping at the top but was only really noticeable if you looked closely. If you know me, then you’ll know that I hate walking about with chipped nail varnish so you can be assured that it was minimal. I have seen on other blogs that others found that they chipped extremely quickly and that they couldn’t get them to last and others like myself seem to love them. I’m not someone that’s overly careful with their nail varnish and I don’t go about trying not to get any chips, I have a pony so there is a lot of hands on stuff that has to be done but one thing I do not do is the washing up. So maybe if your nails are exposed to different things this will effect it or it might just be differences between people? If you’re not sure if they’ll work well for you then maybe just buy one and see how you.

After removing I’ve Been Pinkin, which comes of easily with regular nail polish remover, I applied Do it Like a Nude. I did find that due to being quite pale it needed 3 coats to make it opaque but I think that this will be one of the best sellers as there was only one bottle left in my local Superdrug and it’s a great colour to go with anything and if you have make-up/nail colour restrictions at work. Sadly I forgot to get a picture of this colour before I took it off, but a quick google will show you how it looks.

Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

Next up I tried Make Me Teal, which I along with most other people it seems had some difficulty trying to photograph it so it looks the same colour as it does in real life. The Way You Make Me Teal is greener than it appears in the photo above and is a lot shinier too. This is what it looks like after having been worn for 5 days; as you can see there is a little bit of wear at the top but no noticeable chips.

Overall I’ve really loved these and would highly recommend that you try them out if you want long lasting nail varnish and the price is much cheaper than gel or Shellac nails.  You can pick them up for £4.99 on the Barry M website, Superdrug or Boots.

Have you tried Barry M’s Sunset Nail Paints? Did you like them or did you find that they didn’t work for you?

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  1. Rachel Marie says:

    These are the most gorgeous shades! Definitely want to try these!
    Rachel Coco

  2. Natasha says:

    Wow your nails look stunning and make me teal is a gorgeous shade 🙂 xxx love this and I need to get my hands on them too xx Check out my latest blog post at !! Xx followers are desperately needed xxxxx

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