Barry M Lip Kit – Pose and Allure

I absolutely loved Barry M’s Lip Kit in Runway and I wore it pretty much every day for a while so I decided to try out another couple of shades to see if they were just as good. This time I choose to try Pose a gorgeous nude colour and Allure a pretty metallic pink.

Barry M Lip Kit Pose and Allure

In case you haven’t seen my review on Runway, I’ll tell you a little about the product before talking about each colour. The Barry M Lip Kits contain a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. I would say that the colour on the box is similar but not always an exact match to the colours inside so I’d definitely recommend giving them a swatch before you buy them.

The lip liners are soft meaning they simply glide over your lips without pulling at them. The liquid lipsticks themselves have a doe foot applicator making them easy to apply. I found that the consistency of the lipsticks varied but I did find that they all dried quickly and that if you had to touch them up at any point it was easy to do this without the previous layer crumbling.

Barry M Lip Kit Pose and Allure

Barry M Lip Kit Pose


I found that the lip liner in Pose is a little darker than the lipstick itself which thankfully doesn’t make too much difference when applied. I’ve been on the lookout for a nice nude lipstick that actually suits me as I find many are either really pale or just too dark for me. Pose is a gorgeous nude/pink shade which I feel would work well on a range on skin tones.

I found that the formula for this lipstick was a little runny when compared with Runway, however it applies really well and I found it to be completely opaque with just one application. This lipstick does have a tendency to highlight any dry patches on lips so make sure you exfoliate before applying this! I found that it lasted really well throughout the day and only had minimal fading after eating and drinking.  You could easily get away with wearing this for about 8 hours or so before it might need a little bit of a touch up.

Barry M Lip Kit Allure


I’ll be honest when I first heard about the metallic lip kits, I wasn’t sure that they would be for me but after swatching Allure in-store I just had to give it a go. Allure is a dark pink shade which although dries matte has a golden shimmer to it which creates the metallic look.

I found that the formula was a little thicker than Pose but was still lightweight on lips. However I did find that this doesn’t last as well as Pose or Runway. I found that it lasted about four hours before it started to fade and needed to be reapplied after and eating or drinking. It hasn’t put me off wearing it as the colour is gorgeous but I am a bit disappointed with the staying power of it. It does wear off evenly so you don’t have to worry about it looking patchy.


Have you tried any of the Barry M Matte Lip Kits? If you have what did you think of them?

Are there any other lip kits that you’d recommend?


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