Back From Holiday :)

Last week I went on holiday to Anstuther, a small fishing town not far from St Andrews on the East coast of Scotland. I had a great time and the weather wasn’t too bad most of the time so we could get out and about 🙂  We stayed in a lovely flat right across from the beach which was nice.

Me, wearing a white T shirt and a horse print dress from Primark.

One of the days that I was there, we went for a walk to another nearby town called Pittenweem, where due to the rain I discovered this wonderful little cafe; The Cocoa Tree.  The decor of the cafe was wonderful, on the walls they had old posters for chocolate, on the table there was little postcard sized chocolate posters and they also had a large wire angel.  The food was lovely, I highly recommend their chocolate crepes 🙂

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the next place that I want to recommend, which is The Bank in Anstuther.  The bank is a restaurant/bar and also provides accommodation.  The staff there were friendly and always helpful.  They have a good choice of vegetarian dishes and where even good enough to make me Sizzling Fajitas without the meat one of the nights that I went there.

Due to being a small town there are no high street shops, but the shops there have wonderful things that you probably won’t find anywhere else.  They also have a pop-up shop, which while I was there sold handmade jewellery.  I bought this lovely ring that the woman was kind enough to remake to fit me 🙂

And to end this post, another picture of me,

Jacket – Internacionale,

Dress – Republic

Boots – Limited, Marks and Spencers

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