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This is the first book review I’ve written, and I have read it.  I once did a talk in school on a book that I hadn’t read (Black Beauty) but I had seen the movie so managed to talk about it ok, got a good grade and somehow managed to answer the awkward questions aimed at me like “When in the book do you find out Black Beauty is a horse?” – Who asks a question like that?

I love reading, but I’m not a fan of dissecting books up like you do in English, talking about the use of similes ect.  So there was a lot of very mixed reviews of this book, it seemed to be a bit like marmite – either love it or hate.  But I bought it as a Christmas present to myself anyway.




I love the cover of this book it’s a gorgeous pale pink hardcover with a little picture in the center.  There is a lot of pictures in this book including drawings by Alexa.  There isn’t a huge amount of writing and therefore the there aren’t any chapters.  This doesn’t bother me but it appears to bother others from the review that I’ve seen.  Some argue that there isn’t a structure at all but I feel that there is, it’s almost like reading blog posts or a sort of diary.  I loved that about this about the book, I don’t think it would have suited being written any other way.


This reminded me a little of me

It could be read in an hour or two if you wanted but I decided not to read it like this.  I decided to read it over a couple of days just because I felt that it would probably be better enjoyed this way.  I just felt that because of the way it was written reading in an hour just wasn’t right.  I’m not trying to tell you how to read it, I just preferred to read it this way.


It also mentions some of her favourite style icons and beauty looks that she admires.  You also get to find out a little bit about her life through the years.  There is one thing that I really quite dislike and that is that there is no note under some of the pictures to tell you about who it is/when it was taken.  This doesn’t matter on some pages like when she’s talking about beauty looks like Twiggy and the picture is above what she’s talking about.


I would really recommend this book but I if your unsure whether you’d like it then maybe go in to a book shop and have a wee flick through it first. I’ve seen quite a few reviews refer to it as a great coffee table book; if that’s the kind of thing that you go for then this might be good.  I definitely thing that that this is the kind of book that you can go back and look at for inspiration.

Have you bought It? And what did you think?  Is there any books that you would recommend?


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  1. Hello 🙂

    Ah yes – no chapters – this makes sense. I had read in an interview that she didn’t have Microsoft Word or similar and didn’t know how to use it so she just emailed her editor/agent lots of bits she had written and this was how the book was compiled. It does look so pretty – although short 🙁 I do like a good long read and learning lots about iconic people. Hmm. Still in two minds ha!

    Thanks for the review 🙂


    • Really? I didn’t know that! It is really pretty with all the pictures 🙂 Though like you say it is really short as it’s only 192 pages long. I’d definitely have a look at it in the shop first if your not sure, I looked at a lot of reviews and it really does seem to be a love or hate book

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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