Adexe Meek Petite Rose Gold Watch

If you follow me on Instagram then there is a good chance that you’ll have seen some posts featuring this gorgeous ADEXE watch.  I was really lucky and won a competition held by Hayley, who runs HaySparkle, and had opportunity to chose an ADEXE watch.

I think that watches are the perfect way to complete an outfit and I hate leaving the house without one.  I always find it such a hassle having to take my phone out every time I want to check the time.

ADEXE Meek Petite Rose Gold Watch

The brand aims to create watches that have a luxurious feel and look saying:

ADEXE prides itself as a master of the venerable art form, melding mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse.

The brand has a wide range of styles to choose from including leather straps, mesh bands, face styles and sizes.  I decided to go for the Meek Petite in Rose Gold as I just loved the colour of it.

The Meek Rose Gold comes in two case sizes the Petite (32.5mm) and the Grande (40.5mm).  Since I have quite small wrists I choose the petite size as I knew it would suit me better.

ADEXE Meek Petite Rose Gold Watch

The large roman style numerals make it easy to see the time at a glance and the added date indicator is a handy addition.  The curved hardened crystal glass makes it feel pretty solid and like it could handle a knock or two (not that I want to bump it off anything or drop it but I can be a little clumsy so this definitely makes me feel better when I’m wearing it).

The mesh strap is amazing as it means that you can get the sizing of your watch exacts so no having your watch pinching into your skin or sliding down your wrists.  As the strap is made of stainless steel it makes it resistant to scratching and means that it should be suitable for those who suffer from sensitive skin as stainless steel has hypoallergenic qualities.

ADEXE Meek Petite Rose Gold Watch

I love this watch and would definitely say it’s worth the £95 price tag.  I think ADEXE watches are a great way to add a little bit of luxury to your wardrobe and would make a great present.  And they also have a 15% student discount!

Are you a fan of watches?  What sort of style do you go for?

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