15 Minute Vegan Cookbook Review

I love cooking; I think there is nothing better than creating something really good and nutritious to eat.  As you might already know I’m vegetarian and being at university through the week I like to make meals that are quick and easy when I come home.

15 Minute Vegan Cookbook

15 Minute Vegan Cookbook

My aunt told me about 15 Minute Vegan book after she had heard an interview with the author Katy Beskow on the radio.  Katy runs her own blog, Little Miss Meat-Free as well as teaching cookery classes and hosting demonstrations at festivals.  My first thought was it sounded perfect, quick and easy meals in 15 minutes, so obviously I had to buy it to try it out.

Katy’s debut book is packed full of 100 recipes covering breakfast, light bites, main meals and sweets.   The first thing I noticed when I was flicking through it was that all the ingredients can be picked up in the supermarket so there is no need to search the shops for some strange ingredient that you’ve never heard of.

There are pictures for most of the recipes, which I like as I always feel if there’s a picture you’re likely to try to aim to make it look as good! I’ve tried out a few of the recipes and I have to say although they are quick and simple they certainly don’t lack flavour.

15 Minute Vegan Cookbook

I loved the rich warming flavour of the Smoky Chickpea Soup, which can be frozen for up to four weeks so it’s great to make a bigger batch to freeze some for another time.  For something a little more filling I’d recommend trying the Black bean , Sweetcorn and Avocado Quesadillas.  These were really easy to make although I have to admit I did mess up slightly when tried to turn it over to cook the other side.

There’s still a lot that I have to try from this book but I think that the Almond Butter Morning Cookies, because let’s be honest you can’t go wrong with something that combines nut butter and cookies can you?

I think this book is perfect for anyone, whether you’re vegan looking for some new ideas or a meat eater just looking to try something a little different.

You can pick up 15 Minute Vegan on Amazon for £10.50.

Have you tried Katy Beskow’s 15 Minute Vegan? If you have what did you think? Are there any other vegan/vegetarian cook books that you would recommend?


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